Shutting (whoever) Down In Just One Tweet Is Not Helping

“Shut Down In Just One Tweet” articles are popular, but they are not helping!

Why are these presented as righteous victories? Nobody actually benefits from these tweets other than brief catharsis, and NOBODY ACTUALLY GOT SHUT DOWN.

It can momentarily feel good to nail an opponent, but nothing actually gets better. Nobody has been persuaded, other than being increasingly convinced that people they disagree with are unreasonable jerks.

It is also bad strategy! Even if ethics and kindness aren’t a concern, it is actually in someone’s best interest to listen and appear reasonable. Learn more about the opposition and you will either discover more common ground than expected, or learn more about how to truly influence them instead of just getting them angry. You’re actually more likely to get what you want if you’re not outwardly combative!



Your Trump Assasinating Music Video Is Not Helping

Band not helping

Not Helping: Late Night Edition

After Sanders DNC speech, Seth Meyers did a snotty bit about Bernie or Bust voters. He wasn’t helping.

This was on Youtube, it’s not entirely surprising that the responses he received were not helping.




There are some great arguments out there for people to be less dismissive of 3rd party candidates, but not here. They are popularizing the misconception that 3rd party voters are yelling people who don’t actually want to accomplish things. (AKA Not Helping)






People responding to the Bernie-or-Busters weren’t helping either!

more anti berno


Youtube comment threads are notoriously awful, but this one was overwhelming.

No candidate or party benefits from this! Y’all are not helping and I need a shower.

This Out Of Context Comment On An Avengers Thread Is Not Helping

Sometimes you just need some online high fives, and the “Everything Sucks” approach is an effective way to get them, but it is not helping.

If you absolutely have to inject out-of-context derision into a discussion, at least make it funnier! The nine people who liked this should expect better from their cynicism. They are not helping.


The Second Half Of This Is Not Helping

Promoting Anti-Hate movements is helping!

Talking down to people is not helping!

Letting us know why you care is helping!

Condescending to people not on your side just makes them angrier and is not helping!